What Is a Cymbal Shield?

Just like a drum shield, our plexiglass cymbal shields damper the sound from cymbals. These are great from small venues, indoor stages, and venues with less than ideal acoustics. With its up close wrap-around design, the Cymbal Shield will block more sound than any other shield on the market. Avoid the bulky, expensive full drum shields while still decreasing volume up to 40%. We designed these Cymbal Shields for large or small stages, churches, and rehearsals. Clean up your live sound by decreasing loud cymbal frequencies from traveling onstage and into surrounding vocal microphones. 

Cymbal Shields are easy to mount so you don’t have to build a drum isolation chamber or drum enclosure. Your group and front house engineer will thank you after they hear the difference the Cymbal Shield makes. Made of high-grade acrylic plastic, the Cymbal Shield is light, flexible, durable, and compact. Attach the shield to any cymbal stand or pick up our grabber arm for more custom positioning. 

Update On COVID-19

I believe it is necessary to provide our customers with a daily update on our business status due to the crisis happening right now. As of Tuesday March 31st we are open for business as usual and shipping daily. Fedex shows no signs of shutting down home delivery, so don't worry about an order not making it to you. You also can still receive packages if you have been ordered to stay home. These types of orders do not effect delivery services.

Most all of our products are made in house and the material is in stock. The few items we outsource are also in stock. Incoming material from outside sources have now stopped until further notice. Some of our suppliers cities are going on lock down. When our products sell out, they will be out until suppliers can ship again. We have enough material on hand to manufacture products for several months. I believe it's important to provide you with this type of information so you can understand why we might not be able to produce products in the future. If that time comes, I will inform all customers before you buy. If you have further questions please contact me.  

Please take care of each other.

Matt Fisher/Owner, Smokin Ace LLC

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