"After giving them a shot, they do take the edge off all the infernal cymbal bleed. My room mic's thank you!!!"

-Keith Armstrong, Grammy Winning Producer
Los Angeles, CA

"The Smokin Ace cymbal shield isn't only a great product, but a life saver too! Perfect for any venue, they have mastered an excellent blend of dampened acoustic volume & visuality. These shields are designed to make everyone apart of your production happy."

-Brandon Maclin
Drummer for Daughtry / CEO of DruMD Enterprises

"We switched out our full drum shield for these a few months ago and everybody is loving them, as well as the sound guy. It's the perfect balance of cymbal dampening without losing the natural drum sound on stage."

-Kevin Maltes
Los Angeles, CA

 "It's essential to keep the cymbal bleed out of your singer's microphone, so I have generally always used 5ft tall isolation shields. Not only did I feel like I was in a glass case of emotion and that I looked like an idiot, but I ultimately felt that the natural tone and resonance of the drums were compromised. When I found Smoking Aces Cymbal Shields, I was instantly intrigued and bought a pair. It's been almost 2 years and I haven't looked back. I feel much more connected with the rest of my band and am grateful for these shields!"

-Mike Schulte, The Pink Tornadoes

"I use the Smokin Ace shields on my kit during preproduction recording sessions. They help separate the cymbals and allow me to play with consistency during work/writing sessions."

-Chris Mueller, Alone at 3AM / Benchmarks / SofaBurn Records 
Park Hills, KY 

"Awesome product! Drummer tested, sound guy approved. Portable and super easy setup. Controls volume and cleans up the mix. This product rocks, whether you're playing big stages or tight spaces." 

-Tom Reichart, Drummer for The Cherry Pistols
Jefferson City, MO

"The cymbal shields gave us the audio advantage we were looking for without being locked in behind a cage. Great design!"

-Adam Zemanek, Drummer for Shamans Harvest / Ddrum Artist
Burlington, IA

"If you'r hearing hasn't already been damaged with the high end register of cymbal hits, they will over time. I needed these a decade ago."

-Matt Fisher, Bassist / Shamans Harvest / 3 Million Records & Singles Sold
St. Martins, MO

 "The shields offer a whole new level of clarity in my live shows by controlling cymbal bleed into nearby mic's. A game changer."

-Jordan Westfall, Touring Front House Engineer 
Kansas City, MO

"Your cymbal shields saved the day. Not only do they look better than conventional drum shields, but they cut the stage volume down to allow our sound tech to add more of the overheads back into the mix. Fantastic product!"

-Tim Jarrett, The Summit Church
Kansas City, MO

"We've been very happy with our cymbal shields! The price is right, the curve wraps nicely around cymbals which keeps bleed out of vocal mic's and it just looks a whole lot better than a traditional full shield. It's actually more effective than a full shield and practically invisible. Another big bonus is that you can buy exactly what you need to fit your kit perfectly. I definitely recommend you buy these shields now, they aren't even that expensive, just do it!"

-Scott Leavenworth, Creative Director Reliance Church
Temecula, CA

"What a difference these have made. Two shields is all it took and now we have some control! Thanks, great product."

-Chris Franz, Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar
Nashville, TN

 "A great product at a great price. It was the perfect solution and they were shipped right away. Great experience overall and I will be buying more in the future."

-David Norris, Englewood, CO

"The cymbal shield accomplishes a SIGNIFICANT decrease in cymbal bleed for the downstage vocal mic's. Great product."

-Chris Cooke, Nashville, TN



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