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What's A Cymbal Shield?

What’s a Cymbal Shield? It’s a drum shield for your cymbals! Just like a drum shield, our plexiglass cymbal shields damper the sound from cymbals. These are great from small venues, indoor stages, and venues with less than ideal acoustics. With its up close wrap-around design, the Cymbal Shield will block more sound than any other shield on the market. Avoid the bulky, expensive full drum shields while still decreasing volume up to 40%. We designed these Cymbal Shields for large or small stages, churches, and rehearsals. Clean up your live sound by decreasing loud cymbal frequencies from traveling into vocal and surrounding microphones. 

Cymbal Shields are lightweight and easy to mount so you don’t have to build a drum isolation chamber or drum enclosure. Your group and front house engineer will thank you after they hear the difference the Cymbal Shield makes. Made of high-grade acrylic plastic, the Cymbal Shield is light, flexible, durable, and compact. You can use these for road gigs or local concerts. Attach the shield to any cymbal stand or extension boom arm with its attached metal mount. Or purchase a separate Cymbal Shield mount for more custom setups! 

Cymbal Shield Sizes

Small 10"X 24"- cymbal & hats 14” or less

Medium 12"X 26"- cymbal 19” or less

Large 14"X 28"- cymbal 24” or less 

Your purchase of each shield includes the attached metal bracket and 3 rubber washers to adjust your thread height when mounting. 

We will deliver this item within 2 to 4 business days by FedEx. 

You will receive tracking updates. 

If you need faster shipping, use the “Contact us” link for a quote. 

Boom arms, cymbal stands, cymbals, and we do not include mounting accessories with the purchase of a Cymbal Shield.

Designed, manufactured and assembled by us in the heartland of the USA.

Provisional Patent Pending.

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